Faith: One of the Five Strategies to Reclaim Hope

The Younique Foundation has Five Strategies to Reclaim Hope that we use to help survivors of child sexual abuse progress along their healing journeys. The fifth strategy is Faith. What is faith? Here is how we define it:

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    Faith is working on a strong belief that you can heal.

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    Faith is knowing you have the power and capacity to change.

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    Faith is knowing it’s worth your effort to keep trying.

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    Faith is developing greater optimism for your future.

The other four strategies–Awareness, Acknowledgement, Power Through Surrender, and Mindfulness–focus more on the past and present. Faith focuses on the future. It empowers you to plan a positive future that you can believe in. You can do this through vision boards, future vision statements, and positive affirmations. Stating any goals or hopes in the present tense makes them that much more powerful.

Faith is a critical part of the healing journey. Once you manage your past and practice Mindfulness in your present, then you’ll need to have Faith in your future. Imagine the person you want to be, visualize it in as much detail as possible, and find ways to act on it. Life is constantly moving; your dreams need to be nourished daily. Just as a plant needs daily watering, so do your hopes.

For every seed that is planted there is a gestation period; a specific, undetermined period of time that the seed needs to establish itself. Just because you don’t see immediate results, it doesn’t mean the seed isn’t changing or the process isn’t working.

The same thing applies to you and your healing journey. If you’re worried that you’re not seeing change, have Faith. Be patient and steady. Healing takes time, but you’re making progress every day. Remember to focus on your Faith in the future and take it one day at a time.