No One Deserves to Fight This Battle Alone

“I was sexually abused as a young child for years. I never spoke up because I was threatened. I didn’t want anyone to turn their back on me, and I certainly didn’t want to be abused more for telling the truth.

“As I grew into a young adult, I pushed those secrets deep into the darkness of my heart. No one needed to know; so I thought. Someone else came forward, and he was now being punished. Surely I can’t be affected anymore, right? Wrong. I became a mom to a beautiful little girl. I had to be strong; there was no other option, and she needs me.

“After 18 years, many triggers, and continuous emotional fighting to keep my surface calm and happy, it all came to the top. I felt as if I was drowning. It was time. I felt better because it was out, but my parents felt responsible. No one had any idea, and now I’ve created a storm. How could I hurt so many by telling the truth? I didn’t understand.

I finally realized it was time to face my reality. It was time to deal with the trauma and start the healing process. With the help of my husband, I learned techniques to be more self-aware of my emotions, techniques to help myself deal with those and try to surpass them. I have a family to be strong for.

TYF Note:  Notice how she became “aware” of her trauma and decided she could no longer run from it.

“Almost two years later, I am still learning. Although my trauma happened 18 years ago, I have only been dealing with it for a short period of time. I am a successful business woman. This has given me the power and drive to become a better person and raise my awareness of other women who are suffering. We are one. We are here for each other. No one deserves to fight this battle alone. Be bold and be beautiful; you deserve it.”